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Enisca complete upgrade works to reduce flood risk

10 Dec 2021

Enisca have successfully completed works on strategic assets delivering flood resilience to rural areas within the Environment Agency’s East Riding catchment in Yorkshire. Enisca refurbished the Hempholme and Wilfholme pumping stations, located between Driffield and Beverley, to extend their working life so they can continue to function, draining land and reducing flood risk in the area during periods of heavy rainfall, more efficiently and effectively into the future. Temporary controls and pumping arrangements were installed and commissioned to ensure that the stations were not removed from service during the refurbishments which included:

  • Sequenced removal of the pump units to workshop for strip down, condition survey, repair, refurbishment, and reassembly.
    • Wilfholme - 4No. 200kW 4 APE Allen 900mm Vertically Suspended Mixed Flow submersible pumps pumping flood water at 1,200l/s.
    • Helmpholme – 3No. 37kW 4 APE Allen 600mm Vertically Suspended Mixed Flow Pumps pumping flood water at 624l/s.
  • Testing and return to site for reinstallation and commissioning of each pump units.
  • Design and build of new Form 4 control panels for each site inclusive of new PLC hardware & software.
  • Development of new functional design specifications for the control of the pumping stations to current EA standards and requirements.
  • Installation of EA telemetry hardware with communications links to each site’s Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC system & HMI
  • Replacement of existing level instrumentation and a new cabling and containment system at each site

Enisca Site Team marking successful project completion with our clients from the Environment Agency and representatives from Yorkshire Council, North Holderness Internal Drainage Board and Hull and East Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership

Environment Agency is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The Environment Agency work to protect and improve the environment and is also responsible for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries, and the sea.