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Project Details:

Ballymena WWTW

Under the NI Water LOT 2 Year 1 Base Maintenance Contract, Enisca was awarded upgrade to the wastewater treatment works that services the town of Ballymena and surrounding areas.

The scope of the works involved replacing each the existing aeration system in tanks 1 & 2, with fine bubble diffusers in order to optimise process performance and running costs. Each new aeration tank system comprised a 3-pass serpentine type, peak SOR of 185 kgO2/hr, with a total of 696 diffusers per tank.

Other works included the supply, installation and commissioning of new inlet works phosphate monitoring instrumentation to measure the levels of phosphate within the incoming inlet sewer. Phosphate level data was then used to optimise the process performance and running costs of the existing Ferric Aluminium Sulphate dosing in order to meet the P discharge standard of 1 mg/l. New odour control pH & redox equipment was also installed and commissioned.

The main challenge on this project was to ensure compliance with the 15, 25 & 3 mg/l of BOD, suspended solids, and ammonia discharge standards set by the NIEA (Northern Ireland Environment Agency). No relaxation on discharge consent was provided during the works.

Following the successful completion of these works Enisca have been awarded the contract (under 2016/17 “Year 2” Base Maintenance) to replace all the diffusers within existing aeration tanks 3 & 4.

Each Aeration Tank is 3-Pass Serpentine type, Peak SOR of 802 kgO2/hr, with a total of 2,292 diffusers per tank.

Project Details

  • Client:
  • Scope:
    Base Maintenance
  • Capacity Of Plant
    48,000 m3/day
  • Start Date:
    March 2015
  • Completion Date:
    Dec 2015
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