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Project Details:

Newry WwTW

Newry WwTW provides 101,000 PE wastewater treatment for the town of Newry and surrounding areas. Northern Ireland Water (NIW) identified a need for capital maintenance works to be carried out on the existing SBR blower systems, the primary settlement tanks and sludge tanks, the draining and cleaning of the four no. CASS basins and replacement of the aeration grids within the CASS basins.

Enisca Ltd in consortium with civil construction company Graham Construction was engaged by NIW on the LOT1 Non-Infrastructure Framework for the scoping, design, provision, installation, testing and commissioning of all mechanical, electrical, control, automation, monitoring and telemetry / SCADA equipment.

The scope of works at this site was delivered under a two-stage approach to facilitate NIW’s expenditure plan with Enisca providing the capital maintenance and also scoping and investigative works for future planned works.

  • Works at 4x SBR tanks
  • Remove & replace existing Aeration system with new Aeration Diffusers, Pipework, Actuated Valves & Support Brackets
  • Temporary Blower arrangement, operation and maintenance
  • Replacement PST Scum Boards & brackets
  • Remove and replace thickener overhead travelling crane
  • MCC modifications for new blowers & new LCPs
  • Air Meters to CASS Inlets (4 Nr)
  • Modifications to odour control ductwork
  • Acoustic Surveys
  • Profitrace Surveys
  • Pre & post Harmonics Surveys
  • Refurbishment of all MEICA equipment at 5 No. Sludge tanks including:
    • Pipework, actuated valves and pipework
    • Mixers, 1-3% Dry Sludge & 6% Dry Sludge
    • Level probes and ultrasonic level sensors
  • Systems integration, electrical, control, automation, monitoring, telemetry / SCADA equipment works including update to PLC code and SCADA code for new equipment not previously networked.
  • Installation & testing of all electrical works required to power and control the new plant including power supply to and controls from new Local Control Unit(s) Panels.

Project Details

  • Client:
    Northern Ireland Water
  • Scope:
    MEICA Capital Maintenance
  • Capacity Of Plant
  • Start Date:
  • Completion Date:
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